Merbau / Ipil Lumber

Indonesian Merbau Lumber

Our  specification for merbau lumber:

  • S4S (Surface 4 Side) Shape
  • Length 2,000 mm, or by buyer request but max 4,000 mm.
  • Thickness 30-40 mm.
  • Wide 80-200 mm.
  • Dry process using sundry or kiln dry

Merbau or ipil is the name of a type of hardwood trees producing high quality lumber species placed in the family Fabaceae (Leguminosae). Because of its hardness, in Maluku and West Papua, the wood is also called ironwood. In Papua New Guinea, its also known as kwila timber; whereas the names in English terms are mirabow, Moluccan ironwood, Malacca teak, etc.

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