“Korintje” Cassia Cinnamon

Our Specification:
• Cassia stick Grade AA+ with size 7-8 cm
• Moisture content is 12% Max
• Box packaging with plastic wrap, or depend on customer requirement.
• Min order 14MT / cont 20 feet min and 26MT / cont 40 feet

We could also provide you with any grade within your standard.

Scientific name: Cinnamomum burmannii

Cinnamomum burmannii, also known as Indonesian cinnamon, Padang cassia, Batavia cassia, or korintje, is one of several plants in the genus Cinnamomum whose bark is sold as the spice cinnamon. The most common and cheapest type of cinnamon in the US is made from powdered C. burmannii.

Cinnamomum burmanii is native to Southeast Asia and Indonesia.[7] It is normally found in West Sumatra and western Jambi province, with the Kerinci region being especially known as the center of production of quality, high essential-oil crops. (See: korintje cassia)

The standard cinnamon used in most Western applications.

Korintje Cassia Cinnamon – This is the one most Americans are used to, and is the variety you’ll typically find at grocery stores. Sweet, mellow. Sweet and mellow, strong and smooth.

Indonesian Korintje cinnamon comes from cassia, a cinnamon with a thicker bark and a stronger flavor than “true” [Sri Lankan or Ceylon] cinnamon.

Indonesian Korintje cinnamon (pictured at top of this webpage) is smooth, but has a surprising edge. This cinnamon holds the middle ground between AllSpice’s oil-rich, strongly-flavored Saigon cinnamon and our delicately-flavored Sri Lankan cinnamon.

Indonesian (Korintje) cassia (C. burmannii) has the lowest oil percentage and is the cheapest. The flavor is smooth, with a mild bite. This is our standard, favorite cinnamon taste, and the most famous and familiar cinnamon flavor all over the world.  Often this is the cinnamon of choice for commercial bakeries because of its good flavor.

Indonesian Korintje cinnamon is a fantastic flavor for your fancy coffee beverages, for fruit dishes, and rice puddings — really it’s a wonderful, rich cinnamon suited for every recipe and use.


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